Saturday, April 17, 2010

Disco Nite!!!!

Every year our MOMS group puts on a dance outreach. Last year was "MOM Prom". This year we had Disco Night! It was so fun coming up with something to wear and hearing what everyone else was going wear. I tried to go a bit hippie chic.

Before the even a few of us went to Beaches for some dinner and drinks before getting our groove on. I really needed the break too. Nick's been working without a day off for the last 2 1/2 weeks, which means I haven't had any time off either. It's literally been from sunup to sundown. So mama was needing to let loose a bit.

Alison, Mia and Marlene with round #1.
Brian, Angela's husband (bless his heart) was the only guy who went out to eat with us. Pretty much, he was our pimp, seen here, rocking the fake sideburns and chain. :)

Mia, Rose and I were showing our not so spiritual side of being the Evengalism/Discipleship Team at MOMS.

Kat watched Jordan for me while I went out earlier. Jordan was my date and the hit with the husbands at the dance. I'm thinking they just wanted to hold her so they could have excuses not to dance.

And here's some more fun pics of the night. I'm so thankful and blessed to have such wonderfully goofy, fun people in my life! Rock on!


Shonda said...

Looks like fun! You are hot!

Kaycee said...

i agree with shonda. love that dress too!