Sunday, April 25, 2010

Going Home

Jordan and I took a little trip back to my home town, Oak Harbor, WA. I love visiting there, it's so peaceful and serene. We only had 2 short days to make our rounds. The first day, Mom, Jordan and I did a little shopping. We have to break her in early that that's one of the things we love to do when we visit each other.

Next we made a visit to my wonderful Spanish teacher from high school, Judy Velasquez, and her husband John. They are so wonderful and act like Jordan is their own grandchild. I always enjoy our little visits. Judy sets out her famous tea and ham salad spread which she used to serve me and my friends when we'd go over to her apartment in high school.

This was the first my grandmother was seeing her 4th great grandchild. She just loved Jordan's red hair. I'm still mystified as to where that came from. My Grandma Layne is going to be 90 this year and she's still kickin'.
She always gives a little rocking chair to her great grandkids as a special little gift. I love my Grandma very much. She's the only grandparent on both Nick's and my side of the family that's still living.

After visiting Grandma Layne on the second day, Mom and I were able to take a little stroll down at City Beach Park. It's so beautiful there. It's not the crashing beaches of the Pacific Ocean, but any beach on any body of water always calms and relaxes my spirit.

I can't wait until I'm able to go back for another visit, but right now this will have to tide me over.

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