Friday, April 2, 2010

At the Zoo

We had only one sunny day this whole spring break. So we spent the day at the zoo, along with all the other spring breakers. It was still nice to just get out and enjoy the weather. The kids had so much fun running and jumping on the amphitheater green at the zoo. Jordan was with us too but she slept the whole time, that's why there's no pictures of her.


Shonda said...

Fun, fun! You sure a doing some neat decorating (not the word I want to use, but can't think) on your blog. PS. be sure to change your profile to 3 great kids! love ya sis

Linking Lines said...

I'm finally getting back to you after a busy Easter weekend. We went to Ryan's folks which is about 3 hours away in MN. It was nice to get away for a bit. What did you guys do?

I do get back to WA at least twice a year if possible. My sisters Juli and Lisa both live in Mount Vernon. They are both expecting in August within a week of each other. So I'm hoping to go out then to see the new babies. This will be Lisa's 1st and Juli's 3rd. I'm pretty excited! On a sad note, my dad has been battling colon cancer for the past 3 years. He just finished another round of chemo in Dec. and had surgery last week where they found another tumor. We are all really struggling with the realities of life and God's plan in all this. I'm hoping to go out in a few weeks by myself (if I can manage to find someone to watch my kids). My parents aren't always forthcoming with information, so I really just want to go out and spend time with my dad and make my own conclusions.
Sometime when I'm with my kids, it would be great to try to get together!

My mom had sent me a newspaper clipping of Kaycee's wedding announcement. Where is she living now? I feel bad that I lost touch with everyone. When you live out of state, it is so hard. That is too funny that the one person you met was's like a bad joke! I ran into him a few years back and he gave me this big hug and acted like we were best friends...I just laughed and laughed to myself later. Too funny.

After college we got married and moved to central CA where Ryan had a youth pastor position. We lived there for 6 years and moved here in '07. CA was SOOOO expensive and we were by no family. It has been nice being by Ryan's family...although in-laws are a whole different ballgame. We hope to someday move back to WA if a job opens up in a church somewhere. We are happy here but the weather can be a bit much in the winter.

I look forward to keeping up with you through your blog. Maybe one of these days I'll open a facebook account. I've put it off this long, now I'm just trying to prove a point. Ya, dumb, I know.

Do you stay at home full time? What does Nick do? I love staying home, although being married to church staff gives me a bit of a stigma, so it can get rather lonely as people are afraid to get too close. They think I have a direct line to the pastor and God. Oh well.

Hope you had a Happy Easter! We'll be in touch!