Friday, September 3, 2010

Cuz she's so cute!

Yep, this is just because I love taking pictures of the babesie! She so fun and sweet. I'm loving this age very much. But it's going by way too fast. I'm trying to savor every moment I can because I know (unless God has other plans) this will be the last of the Faust babies. Enjoy!


the o's said...

she is soooooooo cute! love the pics and LOVE the pics of reag's going to school. what a big girl!

Shonda said...

What does, "unless God has other plans..." mean? Ha, I know you like 3, but that's handful if you ask me. I can barely keep up with one.

nick~koren said...

only if by mistake, although no child is a mistake. we are not having any others as far as i'm concerned. :)