Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reagan's First Day of Preschool!

Reagan is now officially a school girl. She had her first day of Preschool yesterday. We were up bright and early to go. We got to school and everything was fine. But when it came time to leave her she wasn't too thrilled about the prospect. This surprised me because she's always been great about going to her Sunday school classes or having a babysitter and has never been a clingy kid. I know it was new for her and usually she's a little shy and quiet but has always adjusted fine. She was hugging my leg and telling me she wanted me to stay with her. Finally we got her settle with some play dough, eeked a smile out for a picture and left. Luckily, no tears. I'm glad my kids aren't like that. When I came back later to get her, she was sitting quietly with her classmates. Her teacher said she did excellent and that she's very mature for her age. :) Makes a mommy proud, I gotta say. She had colored a picture so pretty and cut out circles. She was so happy to show me her work. I think she'll do just fine.

We are proud of you sweetie!

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