Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our 2nd Grader

Ethan started school a week later than Reagan. He's now an official second grader. I remember loving 2nd grade and I hope he does too. His teacher is Mrs. Wright and she's the sister of some of our very close friends. So that's fun that we already know her. I pray for blessings on both my kids as they go out into the world and stretch their little wings. Just because it's Preschool or 2nd grade, doesn't mean it's a piece of cake for dear ol' mom.
Jordan's now in the 1st day of school annual picture.
The progression! I LOVE this.


the o's said...

i love that you have the same pic every year. LOVE the progression and the addition of jordan is a pretty cute one too. and, could ethan look anyMORE like nick in those pics?!? so cute!

Shonda said...

Oh, I love it sis. Ethan looks so much like Nick in the top picture.

Mama G said...

I love that last pic showing them over the cute!