Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm 5!!!

Our sweet, little Reagan Elayne is a big 5 year old now! What? Say it ain't so. I love this little girl so much. For as young as she is, she has such a wonderful, distinct personality. She's super funny, smart as a whip, and a bit sarcastic. How does a 5 year old know how to be sarcastic? It's beyond me. And maybe I'm biased, but she's one of the prettiest little things I've seen! Sorry, have to brag. I'm so thankful to God for what a blessing she is in my life. I LOVE YOU, REAGS!!!!!
Reagan's and Nick's birthdays are2 days apart, so she gets the "5" candle and we've got 32 other candles on there for daddy!
On their birthdays we take the kids to IHOP for breakfast. We started this tradition a couple years ago and they love it, they also get a free meal. Now Jordan got to join in the fun.
Enjoying pancakes for the very first time.
Reagan and Grandma Nettie. My parents were able to be here visiting during her birthday as well.
Ethan and Grandpa Jeff.
Going to the mall for her big birthday surprise present: choosing a Build-a-bear and getting an outfit for it. Super fun.
Naming her bear, Snowflake. Interesting tidbit, when I was 5 I had a white bear that I named Snowflake as well. My mom STILL has that bear, although she is now a bit grayish. :)

Reagan and Snowflake.
Happy Birthday, Tootsie!

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