Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Time

It's of course my favorite time of year. The leaves are changing into their gorgeous new colors, the weather is cooler and the taste of chai is even better. :) Here's a few moments from the past month or so...

We managed to only grow two pumpkins this year (we usually get 7 or 8) but the ones we did get were pretty huge. This one was so big I couldn't even carry it to the front porch, I had to roll it. But it made a cute prop to take pictures.
Jordan at 8 1/2 months old. She just doesn't seem to be listening when I tell her she's not allowed to grow up. Sheesh!
I went to Grandparent's Day in Reagan's class and enjoyed her verse recitation, doing a craft, hearing some songs and having some snacks.

And of course trick or treat time. I managed to talk the kids into "recycling" their costumes from last year because I knew they would still fit. Yay, there's money saved. And Jordan's costume was a hand me down from a friend. So we only spent money on candy, which by the way, is so expensive.

I love doing the little touches of makeup on the girls. Jordan thought it was tickly so I'm glad she indulged me. And or course Reags like to get all prettied up. Ethan was once again Aniken Skywalker from Star Wars. My cute little trio were all happy to make the rounds of house calls. Another Halloween done, phew. Now onto my favorite holidays!

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the o's said...

A.DOR.ABLE!!! love the pics.. the kids just keep getting cuter!! xoxo