Saturday, November 27, 2010


I have really enjoyed taking pictures of my kids. They are the most handy subject, because they're right here :), and they humor good ol' mom. But I've come to find I am really enjoying the art of capturing the moment, of finding good scenery and creating a portrait. I used to be a good artist in high school, but when you don't practice, you fall out of it. But this is another form or art that I never really explored back then. I'm loving it. Until now, I've had a good point and shoot camera, but I told Nick what I really wanted for Christmas/my birthday (a day apart so gotta lump it together) was a new camera, something I could take really great pictures with. It's hard for a mom with 3 kids to justify spending that kind of money on herself for just one item. Well, Nick got it for me and gave it to me early so I could take some photos at Thanksgiving.

Today I took the kids out today and just wanted to take some shots of them to see if I could get the hang of this much higher tech camera. LOVED IT! The kids were fun, the camera was easy to use and transition the functions, and I think the pictures turned out so great. I finally got some good ones of Ethan, he's a toughy, always being silly, but turns out looking nerdy.

I know I have A LOT to learn and practice with, but who knows, it may turn into more than a hobby someday. If any of my friends out there want a free photo session, let me know. :) I'd love your input on my shots. Thanks!
Reagan has the most beautiful blue/gray/green eyes. I love that I can finally capture how gorgeous the color is in them.

When I went back through these pictures of Ethan, I was so startled at how grown up and handsome he is getting. I just see him as a Star Wars nut with tons of energy. I'm so glad I was able to grab how he looks and acts. He's my tender hearted one.

And then just some sillies, so you can see how they REALLY are.
I didn't take any pictures of Jordan today because a: it was freezing out and b: we've already seen a lot of pictures of her. Wanted to get more of the other two this time. I need to get a really good one of all three soon. Thanks for looking. :)

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