Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kaptured by Koren

So I had some friends of mine of Facebook help me come up with a name for my photography. Whether anything comes of this or not, who's to say? But I love it. My friend Trayc came up with "Kaptured by Koren". It's not too cutesy but not boring either. I thought it fit me.

Today I wanted to experiment with action and color. Reagan was wearing some very vivid red and I thought that would photograph nicely against the green grass. She wanted to jump again so I indulged her. She has so much joy and happiness in her little face.

Look at that girl move. You can't keep her still very long. My mom and sister say that when she does this it reminds them of me when I was little: "Joy in Motion".


Shonda said...

I love the new name! You will have so much fun with your new camera. Why didn't I inherit that gene?

Tara said...

So cute! I absolutely love her outfit. She always has the cutest clothes :)