Thursday, December 23, 2010

Business Cards

So I think that I'm going to look more deeply into turning my love for photography into a business. It probably will not be anything very time consuming, mostly just a word of mouth type of thing for now. I'm still getting people wanting to schedule shoots with me after the new year which I am SO thrilled about. My wonderful friend, Kat, gave me some money for a birthday gift with an ad attached that she wanted me to use the money to buy some business cards for myself, because she feels that I have talent and should start spreading the word. I thought at was so sweet and thoughtful. So I went on the site and ordered some. Granted, I don't have a website, a huge portfolio or even prices, but it's something I can hand people if they are interested in having me work with them. I asked my other friend, Aimee, if I could use an image of her and her daughter that I took at my first "official" shoot to use on the cards and she said of course. I love this photo because it represents the type of photography I love to do, catching people in a moment that reflects their lives and loves.

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Shonda said...

That is SO awesome, sis! Who knew you would have such a great skill in "kapturing" unique and precious photos. My best to you and your new business. Love the new cards too. You go, girl!!!