Monday, December 20, 2010

The "O" Family~kaptured by koren

I had the joy of shooting another family this week. My friend, Ronda, from my MOMS group at church wanted me to get some good family shots for them fro Christmas cards. She came up with a great location that I never would have even thought. It was a new medical clinic in Battleground, WA, and it was perfect. There were great architectural lines to the building, plenty of light, and best of all, it was empty on a Saturday morning. I was nervous because this was the most people I've shot at once, and it was and indoor location. I'm more used to shooting outdoors. Another struggle I had was posing such a large group of people (I know I need much more experience with that). The kids were AWESOME, so well behaved and took direction great. I had to bring my brood along, too, so with trying to keep them in check and trying to think of shots to take, it was a bit harried but I think all in all we got some good pictures. Here's just a few:

I REALLY love this one of them all on the stairs, I just wish the parents in the foreground had been more crisp and clear.

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