Friday, December 10, 2010

A Few More...and Opportunity is Knocking

I'm still experiment with my camera, finding angles visual points of interest, learning from those more experienced than myself and continuing to bug my kids to be my models. I'm trying a new photoshop download called Lightroom that a few of my friends have recommended to me. I'm just doing the free trial because it is pricey. I think I still prefer my picnik editing site because I can understand it better and it's much cheaper. :)

Since getting my new camera and posting more pictures some amazing opportunities have come my way. Three of my wonderful friends have "booked" me for photo shoots. And the funny thing is, they are for shoots that I really don't have much experience in: a family of 3, a husband and wife, and a maternity shoot. But it will cause me to grow and learn so much more. I'm so honored and thankful that these friends have trust and faith in me to give me a "shot", so to speak. :) I'm really excited to be stretching my tiny wings.

These are some shots from my upgraded picnik editing. I also have more collage options as well which I like putting together.
And here are some Lightroom edits. I really like some of their features.

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Shonda said...

Wow, can't believe you already have bookings! Way to go, sis!